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Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru Nui

Direct-to-DVD Feature Film

Miramax / Buena Vista Home Video

Producer: Creative Capers Entertainment

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Bionicle 2 was 310’s second film working in collaboration with Creative Capers Entertainment. 

310 Studios provided a full service post-production package for Bionicle 2 handling all aspects of picture for the film.  This included: Animatics, Offline Editorial, Online Editorial, Color Correction, Main Title Design and End Credit Sequences in addition to over 300 VFX shots added to picture during post-production.

310 Studios also served as the Post-Production Supervisor for the production, coordinating aspects of the final mix and all final deliverables to Buena Vista Home Video.

In addition to post services for the film 310 Studios provided editorial services for the making of featurette in the DVD Bonus Features.

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