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The Reptile Chronicles

13 x 22 min episodes

2007 Telly Award winner for Animation

Produced by Strategic Dreamers & JC2 Animated Ent.

310 Studios and JC2 Animated Entertainment (producers of “The Legend of Secret Pass”) continue their partnership to bring animal education to the public in a fun and engaging way.  “The Reptile Chronicles” follows Erik Stoops, a leading authority on herpetology and author of over 47 published works, on an adventure to find the world’s most intriguing reptiles.  With his trusty sidekick, a friendly and curious CG Gila Monster, Erik will teach kids all about the fascinating world of snakes, crocodiles, lizards, turtles, and geckos.

310 Studios handled all CG Animation, Post-production, and Graphic Package work.

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